Why Chose Vermont Veterinary Cardiology Services?

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VVCS works with your regular veterinarian to diagnose and treat your pet with heart disease. If referred to VVCS, you will bring results of previously performed tests and meet with the VVCS team. After we've examined your pet, we’ll discuss whether additional tests are needed before proceeding so that no tests are repeated unnecessarily. We'll explain our findings and recommendations to you in person as well as give you a detailed written report. Your veterinarian receives this same information and also a more technical report. If needed, we perform specialized cardiovascular treatments that may not be routine for your regular veterinarian.

Ever think about what your veterinarian does for you and your pet? Many veterinary offices have an x-ray machine, biochemical analysis equipment, an electrocardiograph machine, a pharmacy, equipment to perform general anesthesia, and much more. You expect your vet to be able to perform major surgery right in their office. However when you need medical attention, these are all functions that are performed by specialized personnel. Your veterinarian has an immense range of abilities and services that you would never expect of your own doctor!

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There are some common heart problems that your veterinarian will be comfortable diagnosing and treating. However, nobody can do it all. When it comes to a heart problem, your regular veterinarian can't match the skill, experience, and knowledge of a cardiovascular specialist. That's us! A cardiologist for your pet? You bet!!

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