Scheduling a Referral

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The best way to schedule a routine referral is simply to have your client call PEAK Veterinary Referral Center (158 Hurricane Lane | Williston, VT‎ 05459 | (802) 878-2022). (As of April 2013, we are no longer available at Valley CARES in West Lebanon, NH). Your client can check our website for  DIRECTIONS.

If your patient is critical or you feel that special arrangements need to be made, or if you just have a cardiology-related question, call us any time at PEAK Veterinary Referral Center.   We will do our best to accommodate clients with critically ill pets or those unable to come in on one of our regularly scheduled days.

If you think your patient needs a pacemaker, pacemaker adjustment, or Holter monitor, please speak with us first before sending the case; specialized equipment may need to be ordered or transported.  Call about large animal or exotic cases as well.

Please download our referral form and include current or relevant CBC, chemistry profile, and urinalysis results with your referral as well as thoracic radiographs and any other pertinent information. Send hard copy radiographs and digital CDs with your client or include instructions for accessing digital radiographs online. It may be necessary for VVCS to repeat radiographs and laboratory tests at the appointment if not available from your office or if results are out of date.  You can FAX referral information to us directly at 866-627-0388.

kitten dog legsClients may want to know that new appointments usually take about an hour and a half. This includes meeting with us and typical diagnostic tests (physical examination, echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, blood pressure determination, etc.). It is fairly common for the patient to be lightly sedated while we perform some of the procedures since they need to lie still on a specialized table for about 30 minutes. It's usually necessary for us to clip some of the fur in the vicinity of the heart for us to perform an echocardiogram.


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